Do You Have the Correct Amount of Insurance?

As risk management consultants, we don't sell insurance. Instead, we analyze a company's exposure to loss and recommend the best procedures and techniques to manage that exposure and minimize the potential loss. We also translate insurance jargon into language you can understand.

Some of our risk management services include:Do You Have the Correct Amount of Insurance

  • Reviewing your insurance and risk management programs.
  • Analyzing the cost of those programs.
  • Identifying risks that are currently not insured.
  • Recommending levels of self-insurance and co -insurance.
  • Evaluating competitive proposals for the best pricing.
  • Exploring strategies for transferring or managing risk when insurance isn't available.

To protect your business, risk management should be more than just a once-a-year insurance transaction.


Our firm can provide an objective analysis of your situation, because we're not dependent on insurance company commissions. Contact us today to learn more.